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VIP Acceleration Never Activated!


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What the Acceleration for VIP?? it is!!

I Purchased for 200G Plan Last Nigit and try to many times for the acceleration and read alot of acticles in this forums.

I can not stand for this situation, want get it refund now !!!!

Never Speed Up!!!! Never Faster!!!! Can NOT see what the difference is !!!!

Refund Strongly In Need!!

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Our forum staff has no access to vip service to test or refund

I don't think there is a 200g plan, but regardless if you want a refund I think the fastest way is to file a dispute with paypal.

You can also feel free to continue trying it while the dispute is processed.

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This would not be a good time to test vip as the comet ID servers appear to be down at the moment and probably won't be fixed until the holidays are over.

If anyone is unhappy with the service please open a dispute with paypal and they will issue you a refund. The development team all have their day jobs which have to come first in order to pay their bills and time spent supporting freeware projects must come when available. We are also understaffed in the forum but I try to reply to everyone who asks a question, except for those questions that have already been answered dozens of times.

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