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Hello! Could use a helping hand


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Hello to all. I've been a faithful bitcomet user since 2007 and first of all I just want to say thank you for the work you put into providing this fantastic software, as well as support.

Up to this point I've managed rather well without any issues; however after upgrading to a new laptop I'm unable to get my bitcomet to sign onto my account. I've read through numerous older threads found through google, that ended up pinning the issue as server problems, however I don't see any recent threads noting any issues.

I just downloaded this version less just over a week ago, I can download torrents with it, but it just won't sign in. (Product description lists it as BitCometBeta{06292015} Using Windows 8.

Any helpful info would be great.

Thanks again


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Although the servers like all websites do sometimes go offline, as far as I'm aware they have been working fine lately. The most common reason for failure to connect to the server when it's up and running is from members using IP filtering programs like peerblock and others. If you use such a program you have to either avoid the more paranoid lists or make an allow list to override blocking BitComet.

For failure to log in it is sometimes a result of installing on a new computer without paying attention to the options you selected and you may have created a new account instead of using the existing account. Try logging in at cometID.com and make sure the client is using the same username and password that works on the website.

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