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Disk Cache needs to be bigger on default settings


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Hi there, Bitcomet disk cach is set too small on its default settings. Its between 6mb and 25mb, which is way too small for this day and age and interfieres with normal computer operating by slowing down everything.

This is especially true if you are downloading bigger amount of files that are about 300+mb in size, it can bring your computer to a crawl due to all the high disk usage!

This model is at least 10 years outdated, since today the standard memory size is 4GB, so a disk cache can easily be set between 10mb all the way to 500mb.

I have it set that way and all of the slowdowns are virutally gone, my ram memory is able to easily write/read without needing to use the HDD all the time.

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Keep in mind that bitcomet is used worldwide including 3rd world countries where computers don't often have as much ram memory and where internet connections aren't fast enough to overload discs as much as a fast connection would. To properly set the optimal size disc cache some info from the user would be required and most users that have the technical knowledge to provide the info could easily make the adjustment themselves.

It's not my decision to make but I believe a conservative disc cache size is probably a good idea, but if would be nice if bitcomet could detect disc overload and recommend increasing cache size.

Microsoft windows has a similar issue with system managed virtual memory, I've found performance advantages to dedicating large page sizes to each local drive so the virtual memory doesn't get fragmented and make the disc overload problem much worse.

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I think 'conservative' model is okay, but this is way, way outdated. This is at least 10 years outdated. There are no hardware parts produced today that are that weak. Again if you check Steam survey, which is of over 180 million people all over the world, the average ram size is 4GB these days.

6mb to 25mb is way too outdated. 'Conservative' for this day and age would maybe be 10mb to 100mb, that would be conservative.

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