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BC freezing my internet once torrent starts.

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I've been using BC for years ith no problems. However recently as soon as I start a torrent download my internet connections dies. The torrent stops downloading and I can't browse any websites. I have to unplug my router and wait a couple of minutes and then get my connection back.I am using v1.37. Any ideas what's causing this?


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Sounds like a common issue, your router can't handle the number of connections it's being asked to do. You can fix this on your router by replacing it with a better one, or firmware update, or you can reduce the number of connections bitcomet makes so the router isn't worked as hard. The latter would be a valid test to confirm this is the problem. There are several connection related settings in advanced settings that we added so users can force bitcomet to run within the confines of the abilities of your router/s. The default settings are usually 0 (unlimited), if you use a low number like 50 and if that fixes the problem, gradually increase it until you find a number your router can handle.

I can't really be more specific without more info from you.

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