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BitComet has stopped working...


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First of all, I am new on this forums. I've always used BitComet, but as of yesterday I have an issue which is preventing me from using it.

I now have 2 ISPs, and it seems my down/up speed has doubled, however I noticed a different behaviour in BitComet. The cirle on the pointer is always showing while using the program, as if it always trying to compute something. At first I though OK, maybe the double speed is making it hard for my hard drive to catch up, however after some time I see the message: BitComet has stopped working and it shuts down.

Has anyone experienced such and issue and is there a fix for it? I saw a solution in another thread for client freeze to uncheck "create BT task after downloading torrent file" and I am still waiting for a result, whether it will crash again, or not...


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It's difficult to understand your post. I'm not sure what you mean when you say you have 2 ISPs. I'm guessing from the rest that bitcomet stops responding and crashes, but other than that you have provided very little info. You've also stated your download/upload speed has doubled, but how can this be if bitcomet isn't working?

Beyond answering these questions you should follow the first link in my signature and answer all the questions that should have been in your initial post.

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