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Lost torrents after Windows 7 reinstall


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I recently had to reinstall windows and I'm trying to get all my uploads running again.

1. 1.37

2. Cable

3. n/a

4. n/a

5. Windows 7 64 Ultimate

6. Peer block

7. Don't know

8. n/a

I would idealy like to find where the torrent files are stored and just start uploading again (all files are in the same location from before the resintall)

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The download list and copies of the torrents are saved in your %appdata% folder The downloads are saved in a file called downloads.xml and there are ten backups saved as ,bak files with the date of each, but since these are windows system settings files they might have been replaced when you reinstalled since your windows version takes control of all application data and doesn't let the app save it independent of the operating system. There should also be a folder with copies of all the torrents, but you should also have copies of the torrents in the original default download location unless you opened them from magnet links.

I'm really not sure if these files would have survived your windows reinstall, it really depends if you installed from scratch or overtop the old installation, but if your user account survived then it's likely they did too.

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or as I suggested you could try copying the following into the address bar of any folder...


If you see several .bak copies of the downloads.xml file you can restore one from before the change, or look in the torrents folder and restart them from there. If they aren't there, then you'll just have to find the torrents again.

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