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Tags squeeze problem


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Hello everyone;

I have for example 20 task tags. I enabled Show Task Filter then i clicked Tags but i can't see my whole tags for example i see 15 tags not 20.Can you fix this setting ?Maybe you can put Tags in left windows like utorrent or someting different.I will be grateful thanks very much.

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I'm sorry but such a change is not likely to happen anytime soon. You can extend the width of your window, you can edit the names of the tags to make them smaller like Videos>Vid, Software>s/w or Movies>Mov. That should help a little, or if possible run your screen in higher resolution so you can have more room on your screen for a larger bitcomet window, of if you're good with tweaking windows you can adjust the size or fonts used, but the simpliest solution would be to use less tags.

I agree it would be nice if they could redesign the gui, but that is asking a lot for an insignificant change considering they are all volunteers and are busy with other projects that pay their rent. I'm sure you would feel the same if you worked on a freeware project, but I will add the suggestion to the list, however adding more to the left pane could upset as many people as it pleases. The way it is now you can see both the tags and the active left pane at the same time, if it was moved you'd probably be limited to only viewing one at a time.

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keep the tags as is. but create another tab on the left for tags?

so you will have channels, Bookmarks and Tags? that is not a big deal at all in coding nor its creating anything new?

I mean who is the genius thought to place tags on top? never heard or seen anything like it.

Tags and categories default and best place on left. and any one with common sense can tell you that.

its so frustrating all these small issues you call them do add-up to became a reason to drop BitComet all together and for ever.

And yes these small insignificant issues are what determines the reputation and success of anything.

So what if they have other jobs? they have come so far? not just to drop it all together? or loose users due to small insignificant issues. and if they can only devote small time to this, then fixing these small insignificant issues wouldn't take much of there time and would make a world of deference to the user.

Enough excuses and just give it them straight!

This is unacceptable by the users and just not wise to drop all this hard work and let it fester frustration and bad reputation.

And yes, its your duty to relay the frustration and drive some common sense into there attention.

I assure you all the UI suggestions I see in this forum don't need hours of testing or core coding, its simple UI element relocation.

The problem is the developers need to hear our voices loud and clear, and that is your duty in this forum.

This forum feels like an excuses and can't be done forum.

You are their eyes and ears and not there babysitter!

Its in your hand they placed trust of this project success not there jobs? so just let them worry about there jobs and you worry about what you been intrusted with.

They will thank you greatly when your duty and care for this project causes its success. As it should be and hoping you are.


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in my opinion your sense of entitlement is highly exaggerated and you are the only one who ever complained about this. suggestions are welcomed, whining and complaining are not.

Have a nice day

*topic closed*

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