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I need a tutorial for Virus Scan


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I'm sorry that I don't use windows defender so cannot tell you exactly how to do it, but it's not really that complicated as long as you understand where you installed the program and how to type the path and name of the executable file into bitcomet. It's also important to set the commandline switches for things like running in silent mode so you don't have to interact with the app while it does automatic scans and so that it only alerts if it finds a problem, as opposed to an annoying alert that your file is clean each time a download completes. To get these commandline switches you basically have to read the manual for the app you are using, or for most apps you can open a commandprompt and type the path and name of the executable file followed by /? and it will list all the common switches that can be used. I can give you an example of what this would look like, but not something you can just copy and paste into your bitcomet because I don't know where you installed defender, and if you weren't paying attention it could be in various locations depending on the windows version you're using and the user name of your account as well as if it's a 32 or 64bit app. I also don't know the commandline switches so I'd just have to guess at what they might be, but it would look something like this...

c:\program files\windows defender\defender.exe /s /u

It starts with the path, the location of the program, then the name of the program which I'm guessing is "defender.exe", but probably isn't, and I'm also guessing they may have switches for "silent mode" being /s or "unattended mode" being /u.

Actually the best place to ask your question is in a windows defender forum, make a topic asking for the commandline script to initiate a silent or unattended scan of a file or folder containing files that you downloaded with your download manager which has the option to initiate the scan, but you don't know the commandline script to enter in the app to initiate the scan.

If you understand everything I've said you can probably figure this out yourself, but if you feel lost you'll need some help from someone who knows the windows defender app, or perhaps find the neighborhood computer geek to come do it for you.

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