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Question about BitComet auto shutdown feature

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Hi guys, It's 10:23pm now in my country and I have to sleep because I have an event that I need to attend tomorrow, now I went to tools > Auto Shutdown > At specific time > I had set it to 1:30.

not my question is when the clock reach 1:30AM in my PC will it shutdown ? And when I it shutdown, does it just shutdown (will it corrupt the file if it just shutdown without pausing the download?) or it pause my download first ?

Thanks in advance.

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I've never used auto shutdown, but it should stop the tasks that are running and attempt to close bitcomet. As long as all tasks properly stop it should be a controlled shutdown, however when windows shuts down if any app is not responding it tends to be forced to crash, so I don't usually recommend doing it, and if a task is forced to crash you could have some data loss or loss of your task list. Alternately you can stop the tasks by using the scheduler, it won't shut down your pc, but can adjust the speed or stop tasks at set times.

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