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Cannot sign in and Port detection failed

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It worked flawless all the time and all of a sudden BitComet decided not to sign in anymore and also fails port detection.

Somehow BitComet fails to recognize the LAN and WAN IP.

This is from the statistics:

Up Time: 0:22:40
Overall Tasks: Total: 2 / Running: 0

TCP Connections: Established: 0 [MAX:Unlimited] / Half-Open: 0 [MAX:200]
Listen Port of TCP: 20989 (Detect Failed)
Listen Port of UDP: 20989 (Opened in Firewall/Router)
Windows Firewall: Added [TCP added, UDP added]
UPnP NAT port mapping: Waiting for query IP address
Disk Boost Service: Running

Overall Download Rate: 0 kB/s [MAX:Unlimited]	 Max Connection Limits: 50 per task
Overall Upload Rate: 0 kB/s [MAX:128]	 LT Seeding: 0 kB/s [MAX:123]	 All BT Upload Slots: 0

Memory Usage: Working Set: 72.94 MB, Commit Size: 48.80 MB
Free Memory: Phys: 5.37 GB (Min to keep: 50 MB), Pagefile: 12.94 GB, Virtual: 8,189 GB
Disk Cache Size: 0 B (Min: 6 MB, Max: 50 MB)
Disk Read Statistics: Request: 0 (freq: 0.0/s), Actual Disk Read: 0 (freq: 0.0/s), Hit Ratio: 0.0%
Disk Write Statistics: Request: 0 (freq: 0.0/s), Actual Disk Write: 0 (freq: 0.0/s), Hit Ratio: 0.0%

Total Downloaded: 1,067 GB (this session: 0 B)
Total Uploaded: 86.18 GB (this session: 0 B)

I have Bitcomet 1.4 (64-bit) on Windows 7 installed.

Internet connection is via a Motorola SB5100E cable modem and my wireless router is a Linksys WRT54GL.

UPnP is enabled on my router.

To be sure I added a port forward (TCP and UDP) rule for BitComet on my router. In the properties of Residential Gateway Device (my Linksys router) I even added entries for both TCP and UDP for BitComet with the corresponding port number.

BitComet is allowed through Windows Firewall.

My antivirus is Avira Free ( with the latest updates.

Only wired connected devices to the router are this computer and a Samsung Smart TV. This was never an issue before.

I ran out of options on how to fix this. All other programs (like this browser) work fine.

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