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Number or Queue Column is a must have feature


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I strongly request and hope you can add another column for number or queue. this is the most important feature needed.

BitComet is the best Client for those who are technical savvy to bypass and overlook the missing columns, but it only takes that small detail to win the hearts of everyone else?

So was this an oversight? Pride? or Stubbornness? because it can not be a technical issue as its done on other not as worthy clients but still get that appreciative affect of the users.

Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated. Regards

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It's not necessary to post your question twice. I already answered this that you can move tasks up/down in the queue by clicking the header until the "move up/down" buttons are active, then highlight any task and move it up, or down in the queue.

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Dear Guardian,

Please accept my apologies for initiating this new topic while it was kinda mentioned briefly in earlier discussion.

Nevertheless I felt this feature is so important and needs a topic of its own.

Now! back to the subject. knowing that you know exactly what I mean by adding a number column and the beautiful affect it has on users like me or anyone else not using BitComet, while all along you persist in replies to point to the tech savvy queue feature already exist.

So I would be correct to assume that a queue column is Dead subject or impossible?

And so if that's the case? then can you consider a number column? I mean just basic row numbers that is not connected to queue system or has any other linked functions.

This row number column would actually serve as visual / manual Queue organizer for us all.

just think about it, when the task is moved up or down it just drops at the new row which has number to it. this will help visual organization and nothing else. so to the user it looks and feels like simple usable row queue structure which in fact better and less confusing than a true queue column.

Even Tag lists view have rows numbers column which has nothing to do with row number column of main list. every list view just has its own row numbers like any spreadsheet.

This solution would clearly make a huge impact on the user and zero impact on BitComet stability or coding.

Finally I congratulate you on such innovation and excellence which serve as a reflection of who you are.

Your prompt reply is most appreciated.


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Just to make sure you fully understand, the default GUI is a "queue", or a numbered task list. I realize it doesn't actually say this, but that is how it works and as the product was improved and new features added, new ways of sorting the gui were added, so now you can sort them by ratio, by state (downloading, seeding, stopped, etc), by date added, etc... but as I mentioned if you click on the top header you can cycle through the various views and when you get to the default list the "move up/down" buttons will be activated and that is your order of download. I realize there are no actual numbers listed next to the tasks, but in this mode you can see and change the order.

I do agree it would be helpful to some to be able to see numbers, or have yet another column added so they could click directly to it with one click instead of 3-4 clicks, and might make it easier to navigate for those who don't understand it. It will also make it easier on our staff as one frequent question asked is why the "up/down" buttons are grayed out... which is because the tasks are sorted by stats that lock them in place, such as dates or size, so you cannot move them in that mode, but when sorted by the default queue you can. I don't really know if adding the column you suggest would require a lot of coding, but it would require many hours of alpha and internal beta testing, and frankly none of this is within my power to do. I've been running this forum since we first started, but the development team is on the other side of the planet and although I do communicate with them regarding urgent matters, I avoid asking for minor changes unless they can be compiled with more urgent issues and I've already made a note to suggest this the next time we speak. I can also tell you that our developers all have their day jobs that actually earn them money, and although they have been committed to continue development of BitComet even though donations in the past several years have been scarce, so they aren't likely going to round up everyone to work on adding a column, and I personally don't want to pressure them into doing it, but I'll see what I can do. Up until about a year ago they had always hired a college student fluent in English to communicate between our forum staff, users and the development team, but as funds vanished so did the position, so we learn to get by with what resources we have.

Also, if you are fluent in Mandarin you could post the request on their Chinese forum which is run by the development team. I can't promise they will answer you, but doesn't hurt to try,

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