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Can Bit Comet automatically download new episodes of a TV series

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I am wanting to know if I can use Bit Comet to look for and download new episodes of a TV series. I have been using Bit Comet for a few years now and use the magnet link when I find torrents but want to take it to the next step - is this possible and if so how do I do it?

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It can be done using RSS, and we used to have a guide, but it's not as simple as I think you'd like it to be. For most users they prefer to wait and make sure a release hasn't been nuked, repacked, propered, or otherwise replaced with a better quality, but if you want to grap every torrent with the key words, then it can be done, but I don't currently have the time to teach you.

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ps. Also want to clarify that when I said I don't have the time, I mean that this is a volunteer position and I my time in the next several weeks will be limited, also this would require a torrent site that offers an RSS feed, writing some scripts so that bitcomet would auto execute any torrents dumped into the target folder, and you could end up with multiple copies and even unrelated stuff that has similar names. Most people who use RSS downloading do it on seedboxes so they can share with others and it's all automated, but for the person who just want's to watch TV series, its best to visually check each torrent before download.

Happy Torrenting

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