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No Clue What I am Doing PLEASE DEAR GOD HELP ME!

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Ok please be patient with me. I had Bitcomet for years now but it was set up by my brother. Now I have a new computer and my brother is in a different state I have no clue what I am doing. I can't seem to get the stupid yellow light thing to go green.

I will go down the Read Me list

1) My version is Bitcomet 1.40 (just downloaded and installed yesterday)

2) My internet connection in from AT&T using a router I think (a long grey cord goes from that to my desktop)

3) My Router is a AT&T Motorola NVG510 (I googled and think I have a router but ti could be a modem. What ever AT&T send you with your internet)

4) Nothing else but the Motorola

5) I was just forced from Windows 7 to Windows 10 a few days ago. I also have Norton Security on my computer. My computer is 64bit

6) I am assuming no because I have no clue what that is

Thank you for help. I have googled my eyes out trying to follow the directions but either 1 they are way to complicated and ask for money or 2 they don't match up when I do step by steps

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I found a blog someone made that claims to have manuals for that motorola device which is both a router and modem...


Here is some more info on setting up port forwarding with bitcomet, but you will need instructions for your specific router to accomplish this.


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