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Tasks Have Disappeared From Task Area

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I'll preface by saying That there has been no problem with connection or downloading. I just tried a fresh download and it worked fine. I am using Ver, 1.40 and have used it for some time with no trouble. My OS is Win 7 SP1. I have selected an emule incoming folder as my directory. All has been fine until last night when I was asleep.

Last night, before I went to bed, I checked BitComet to see how my downloads were doing and they were running very fast. My DSL download speed is 6Mps. This morning, when I got up I went to check my downloads and I find nothing on the task page. When I clicked on the page, I had first gotten an alert from BC to go to User/Name/appData/Roaming/BitComet/????? It said something about download, but when I went back to BitComet to reread the notice, it was gone.The unfinished .bc files are still in the incoming folder and unfinished, but BC is not seeing them. I tried moving the tasks to another folder and changed the directory in BC. This had no effect. The fresh download I tried ended up in the changed folder just as it should.

I googled for some help and found none. I am now trying here. Help please.

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