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Change from “kB” to “KB”

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File size

Torrent Size

Down Size

Size Left

Total Download Size

Up Size

Total Up Size

All of the above in KB, MB, GB, TB.

But when it comes to rate 'Down Rate' and 'Up Rate', it's in "kB" which is totally out of place, this must be in "KB" too i.e. "Kbps" and "Mbps".

Then it will be good.


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upper vs lower case doesn't really matter on the "k", but it's very important on the b/B, as b (bit) and B (Byte) are very different measurements and often the lower case k with the upper case B are mated so you can be certain they are talking about KiloBytes, not Kilobits. Even your own post uses both upper and lower case b/B, which would indicate you may not understand the difference. 1B = 8b.

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