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A VPN is a Virtual Private Network and not something you can download. It requires a remote computer to connect to and assuming you want this to download or access something that is not available in your area you'll need to either own or rent a computer in a different area, or find a company you can trust that offers VPN connections for lease. You'd also need one that can assign a unique port number to you and redirect all traffic on that port to your VPN, and it's important you can trust the company. Many like to use countries that won't respond to court orders outside their country, and I can't help you with that, but here is a review of several companies that offer VPN services, but keep in mind that even if you find the ideal service it will still slow down your downloads, and if the service isn't willing to assign you a dedicated port, or if you are sharing this server with many other users, it could be significantly slower in communication responses and in downloading, so good luck.


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Thanks for sharing.

A reminder to others, no links to vpn services. Anyone considering using one should have no problem finding them on google and we've had problems with malicious links being posted before, so we just don't allow it, but members are welcome to recommend services to others.

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