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Unable to change column width in any section with columns


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I have had this problem since 1.4, updated to 1.42 and still does the same thing. None of the columns will resize. sort works, collapse works, but not restore nor resize. Most peculiar behaviour. Did some mouse click actions get deleted by accident?

This happens in every table. be it task list, torrent share, torrent collection, stats, download/files, etc.

with the task list I can get by with auto size, but this is not applicable in Torrent Collection.

I did not find any setting that disables column resize other than the task list auto resize.

The mouse cursor changes to resize, but when I drag, nothing happens and after a few pixels it reverts back to pointer. This tells me the resize code is not linked/active.

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If you don't have any current tasks you can try shutting down bitcomet and copy or type %appdata% into the address bar of any folder, then find the bitcomet folder and delete it. This will remove all settings, torrents, and history, and when you restart it will reset everything to defaults. If that doesn't work you can repeat, but also uninstall bitcomet, then reinstall.

If you have tasks you must preserve then open the folder mentioned above and delete just the Bitcomet.xml file instead of the whole folder. This will delete only your custom settings. You can also change the files name so this test can be undone, or change the folders name to so the test above can be undone.

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Tried 1.41 and I can resize columns again. Hurray!

I suspect the problem was with the install, not the bitcomet version as I've adjusted column width on every version I've used over the last 10+ years, but glad it's fixed.

BTW, the problem with 1.42 is related to file priority changing on restart, from disabled to high priority. Hopefully this will be fixed in 1.43

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