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BT downloading everything in the seed despite I already chose specific file


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This has been happening only for the past week or so.

So you know most of the time when you open a seed there are always advertisement and things that you wouldn't download, or there would be different format of the same video which you only need one (say you only need the HD one, not the low resolution one). So you only check the files you want to download.

But I found that in the past two weeks Bitcomet will just download everything inside the seed. I already double checked that I have ticked only one box, but it still downloads everything (I check properities and yes all the boxes automatically ticked themselves).

What is happening? Is there a way to solve this?

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What version are you using? If using 1.42, revert to 1.41

Also, when you disable files it can result in you being unable to properly seed the task. Unless it is a large file that you have a legitimate reason for not wanting you should download the complete task so that others don't get stuck with less than 100% when downloading.

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