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BitComet - no upload?


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Hello there. I've put 76 task to upload, but noone of them is getting any Kbs... Everything it's on 0. Could there be a problem, cuz im using a router? Cable from the router to my laptop. That's how im connected. But i don't have any problem using utorrent, only when it comes to BitComet. How can i fix this? I want to use bitcommet for upload client, utorrent for downloading.

Here is the report from Statistics;

Up Time: 0:37:52

Overall Tasks: Total: 76 / Running: 76

TCP Connections: Established: 0 [MAX:Unlimited] / Half-Open: 36 [MAX:200]



Listen Port of TCP: 21208 (Blocked by Firewall/Router)

Listen Port of UDP: 21208 (Opened in Firewall/Router)

Windows Firewall: Added [TCP opened, UDP opened]

UPnP NAT port mapping: Failed [uPNP device not found!]

Disk Boost Service: Running

Overall Download Rate: 0 kB/s [MAX:Unlimited] Max Connection Limits: 50 per task

Overall Upload Rate: 0 kB/s [MAX:Unlimited] LT Seeding: 0 kB/s [MAX:Unlimited] All BT Upload Slots: 0

Memory Usage: Working Set: 197.43 MB, Commit Size: 192.55 MB

Free Memory: Phys: 4.15 GB (Min to keep: 50 MB), Pagefile: 11.42 GB, Virtual: 8,189 GB

Disk Cache Size: 0 B (Min: 6 MB, Max: 1024 MB)

Disk Read Statistics: Request: 106 (freq: 0.0/s), Actual Disk Read: 1 (freq: 0.0/s), Hit Ratio: 99.0%

Disk Write Statistics: Request: 0 (freq: 0.0/s), Actual Disk Write: 0 (freq: 0.0/s), Hit Ratio: 0.0%

Total Downloaded: 236.27 MB (this session: 600.18 KB)

Total Uploaded: 5.43 GB (this session: 2.50 MB)

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