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Having problem in COMPLETING my downloads

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Hi there, noob here..but been using BitComet for 3 years..

theres something wrong in my downloads.. i cant complete my downloads, they're always in 99% but cant proceed in 100%..

at first it will rise to 100+kbps and then suddenly drops to 0%..the problem starts last month only.. dont know what to do..

ive attached some pictures..

TY in advance..



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I believe you may have a unique issue here. Notice that the torrents you selected in this screenshot show 0 seed, and 0 peers, this means they would normally not download at all, at least with any other client, however BitComet has the ability to find these files elsewhere, either from emule, http/ftp, or other torrents, and could also have downloaded the files from our own LTseed network, but since many of these torrents also include a small .nfo or .txt file, which bitcomet could not find, the torrent cannot reach 100%, but if I'm correct the videos should play just fine. You may have to rename the file extension if you have the option enable to use the .bc! extension on incomplete files, if that is the case, look at the file list in one of the torrents, then try copying the file to a different location and changing the name of the file extension to match what it should be. A common example for this type of video would be .avi, .mkv, .mp4, etc... You can also test the file by simply clicking on the "preview" link in bitcomet.

If you need help renaming the file extensions, try doing a google search on these terms...

view file extensions in windows (add your windows version)

Rename file extensions in windows (add your windows version)

If the videos don't play correctly, let us know and we can look deeper, but judging by the info in your screenshot this is more than likely the cause.

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You must replace the .bc! with the correct extension.

Unfortunately if bitcomet downloads the video from a sources outside the torrent's swarm, it must then convert the data into bittorrent pieces of data and if it cannot find an additional file that is in the torrent, then one of those bittorrent pieces will be incomplete, but your video should be complete, and if you disable the option to add the .bc! file extension to incomplete files, then you won't have this problem.

This type of cross-protocol downloading is revolutionary and is something no other client can do, so there are minor issues like this, but with any other client you wouldn't have downloaded these torrents at all.

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