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You may have noticed that each member has a forum title under their name, these change as you contribute more to the forum, and one hidden "Easter Egg" that few are aware of is that at a certain level the ability to make a custom title is unlocked. I'm not going to say exactly what criteria must be met to achieve this, but several members have reached this level, and others have been given a custom title in exchange for their service to the community, and for a limited time (will start with just the remaining two weeks left this year (2016), for now, and anyone who has reached the rank of Marshall or higher (provide screenshot), I will manually edit their title to anything that is not offensive or creates the impression of authority, so no titles that would lead people to believe you are a staff member if you are not, nothing offensive or racist, just good clean fun. 

I'll reevaluate in 2017 if I want to continue this, as my time is limited and I prefer to spend it helping people rather than editing profiles, but this might be fun, so if you qualify, come grab a new title while available.

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