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VPN question

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Hi everyone,

1st post!

Not a problem as such but just want to understand something. If I fire up my PrivateTunnel VPN software and connect to a remote server, when I then fire up BitComet and start my downloads no connections are made.

If I turn off the VPN and wait a few minutes then bitcomet will make connections and the download speeds will shoot up. I then turn the VPN back on a few minutes later and the downloads continue to run but I may lose some speed. Losing speed is not a problem but I am curious as to whether or not the bitcomet traffic is going through the VPN or not since I had to turn it off and on again (no pun intended)? In which case is my traffic still anonymous?


Any help much appreciated :)

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The feature that you are looking for is Kill Switch which helps you protect your online traffic and keep it anonymous even if the VPN connection drops. This way if your VPN is off, your internet activities will automatically stop too. And, as your VPN connection resumes back, your internet activities will be resumed too. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN that offer this feature as well as provide you P2P downloading via most of its servers.

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Look, VPN services are encrypted and sometime data get loss over the internet and also your traffic is going through a new channel  to a completely new destination over VPN so you are adding one more stop to your data.. So it could be little slower..

Without VPN --> Point A to POINT B -->

With VPN --> point A to POINT B to Point C

Where point a is ur pc and point b is the server that you are connecting to..

its common that speed will be decreased.. Dont worry.. 

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