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CometPlayer Modernised?

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Heya. I'm a young programmer who likes to mess around with scripts and see what I can do - but most of all I like to listen to music as I do it. My friend introduced me to cometplayer 6 months ago and I've found myself constantly thinking about how cool it would be if it was updated and more features were added. Understanding it is freeware and no longer developed, I thought it would be worth a try to ask for source code and try mess around with making it modern.
Of course, you lot own it and what I'm asking will probably be an instant no - I thought it was worth a try asking to take a look it because my friend really wants work on it.
So here I am. Any info on this subject is appreciated!

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Thanks for the interest, but this is a user support forum, the owners and developers are in China and all of their freeware is proprietary and I doubt they will simply give it away or turn it over for open source development, but if you are serious about this and interested in purchasing it I would be glad to forward your offer to them. If you are serious about this you can send me a PM, but judging from past discussions I can assure you they have no intention to give it away, not even sure if they would want to sell it, but can't hurt to ask.

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