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VIP dont work


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Hello, I'm french so my english is not good but the forum french is closed for the moment... 

I bought VIP acceleration but my downloads stayed at 0%. And when I clique on VIP button it's marked VIP dont work for private torrents. What's that mean? But some others that I reseed work. 

Please for your answer use simples words for I understand. Thank you. 

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Marie, When using "private torrents", or torrents that are limited to only registered users, the connections are only allowed for members of the torrent site so you cannot bitcomet's VIP system on these torrents. Also, if a torrent does not work without vip, it won't work with vip either. VIP cannot download something something that doesn't exist, it's designed to help download torrents faster but seems it's most effective for users with slow connections. I could explain in more detail, but without an understanding of how bittorrent protocol works, you probably wouldn't understand, so suffice it to say that vip only helps with working torrents (those with active seeds and peers). A good analogy would be if a road is closed because a bridge had fallen, and a person purchased a faster car hoping it would complete the trip when their slow car could not, but in reality no car exists that could complete that trip. 


If you purchased VIP thinking it would fix the problem, then this is no fault of BitComet, but if you are unhappy with the purchase you can request a refund through paypal, but I suggest you try it on other torrents to see if you feel it offers you benefit then decide if the money was well spent. Also consider the vip system puts the burden of negotiating the torrent on bitcomet owned computers rather than yours and the money is used to continue bitcomet development and assure it will always be free. 

I'm sorry we don't have any french translators on staff, we used to have several, but finding reliable people who are qualified and willing to work for free isn't easy, so we had no choice but close down the forum. If in the future we get more french speaking members and some qualified french support staff, then I'd be glad to reopen the forum.

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