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Bitcomet 1.50 download links errors

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Changelog: https://www.bitcomet.com/en/changelog

GUI Improved: the file list in BitTorrent task properties dialog can switch between simple list and tree list

GUI Bugfix: background color of URL input box displayed incorrectly when create new HTTP task

GUI Bugfix: speed graph displayed incorrectly when high speed downloading

Core Improve: refine Crash Report program

Core Improve: update BitTorrent client identification code

Core Bugfix: certain file name displayed incorrectly in BitTorrent task


Its been released 10 days ago but all of these downloads links lead to old versions or giving 404 error . Main download link is blocked by Windows Smart Screen and ESET


https://download.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_1.50_setup.exe    404

https://download.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_1.50.zip  404

http://download.bitcomet.com/bitcomet/bitcomet_setup.torrent  1.48

http://www.sendhostingcontent.com/v11ioHG8bcgJIcGy8GurhMZOwgrsUPi_UpndaWy183F+pnu7VoBm+hmZTmGJsPXGvRd_TuAlzVn9XwQAT7Zs7Zy2_X_iUlZTa4XL0dGn4pF7KJflFHZxq5G7e0kXR8sLpk+OuAFGYGvPsIcN1+YJoQEtw90RJj0r96KdYJnFjrpEUgar_guA86LJg4p35YP_4V122UZJZ+IdmFoM9vO8nztswA11p1AlljzA5vWHzBonJSD_PIafL_+xjfO5HtK_tUJgfoQx7JJhuH1rFqXKaJs7EvAi4anlqc_RnG41S1LunfVVtQ7UUswvtTfwHV_V_IITltpT89MHcXEtuVAx6J75sCjPBTFXozo9MjlH2Yy72luhsxcSrebaXa52_fJr0h6PNPvCqvW7h3zXL85Xi2VoYE3giOXxcs_pR+r9abCs2pf0G4hqynS+NU9CoXyIXROtY3e1-GzgAAERveH7OV9GKQ5QpsAEHbqUDD7gOG2PId3WCRg1yLkHTiyW9C1yFhugyN4IH   blocked by ESET 

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Use the 'check for updates' under 'Help' in bitcomet and you will find out that there is NO update available and that 1.49 is the latest version.

I can't say what is happening on the website but to me it's an error and 1.50 is still not released

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