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Hi All,

Brand new here, not a lot of experience so please bare with me.

I have a torrent on my download list that seems bad, it came from a magnet link. Every time I left or right click on it the program freezes. I have to stop via task manager. If it is the only torrent on my list all the start/ stop preview delete buttons are grayed out, and when I try to select it the program freezes and is unresponsive.

Because of this I am unable to delete it from the list. ( other downloads work fine without any problems )

I have tried to uninstall bit comet and download the latest version, but when I open it the bad torrent is still on my list. I assume that bit comet stores the list somewhere but I cannot find the location in order to delete it from there. Does any one know where I would find this?

The program is working fine apart from this as long as I don't try to do anything with this bad torrent.

Any help would be most welcome.


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Thank you Rhubarb !!

Initially I was unable to find the directory but when I changed settings to "Show Hidden Files" up it popped.

Deleted from there and when I opened BitComet it was still on the list, but could be deleted as normal.

Thanks again , stopped pulling my hair out now ( not that Iv'e got much left! )

Kind Regards 

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