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Corrupted task list, unable to restore - wrong file type.


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Hi there,
I read some similar topics which didn't helped me, So I'm posting new tread.

That happens for the 5th time last 2 months. Some are related to power outages, but some are not (some are in win 7, some in 10) - in latter cases the program is properly shuted down. I don't see any correlation of those. The real problem for me here is not the task list corruption itself, but the inability to import the backups.  Or to replace the files manually.

For the first operation, the problem is I cannot import the task list from one of the 7 backups - they are properly renamed, prior import operation (xxxx.bc_bak). Still BC says:

"Failed to import because the backup file is corrupt or not a .bc_bak file!"

and aborts. The backups contain all information for the torrents for the period each one is created - they are not corrupted themselves (at least I'm not seeing any problems, everything is there). Which lead me to the second (manual) way, still no success, I'm getting the following error:

"Filed to load task list! Please try to restore from bak file.
<dir ot backup files>"

BitComet ver. 1.52 | Win 10 Pro x64

 So, I need some suggestions what to try next, other than reimporting the torrents one by one because, first the problem will persist and because I'm gonna lose ratios and dates.

Thanks in advance.

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