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Download won't play because no handle on it, wrong format in title


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Downloaded a video (PBS Video) from Pirate Bay - 1 seed 5 peers took 3 days. The title in Bit Comet does not play it has no MP4 at the end of it and i tried to rename it but it says it is open in Bitcomet and therefore u cannot rename it - If you look at the properties u can see the correct format with the MP4 on the end of the file in the Torrent Content  but if you copy that and past it into documents on the PC it shows only like 28kb not the 1.13 gigabyte.  So the question is can you make this file payable or not and

how to do it. Thanks

1154.thumb.jpg.71212036122812ffa01a741702ec733f.jpg1155.thumb.jpg.2566055362642e5865eaae5df1e0b809.jpg1155.thumb.jpg.2566055362642e5865eaae5df1e0b809.jpg gigabytes of the download.

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You may have a corrupt download. Did you try going to the folder and copy/paste thje file elsewhere and see if it opens there?

I did notice you are using BC 1.35 - the current version is 1.55 (probably has no bearing but just thought I'd point that out)

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