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Strange issue with Client

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Hi all 

I have been using the client for years! its always worked fantastic and zero issues until about a month ago. 

The client would not open. I finally got it to work via opening as Admin.  

double click, get the swirl icon, and nothing. It is not open under the task manager either. Strange. 

Once that stopped working, i decided to remove and reinstall. The client refused to uninstall and I had to use a 3rd party program to do so. 
I downloaded and installed 1.59 and I am having the same issue with it not opening or being able to be removed. 
I am on the latest Windows 10 version
1.59 works on my desktop, just not my laptop. 
please advise. 

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It sounds as if your firewall may be blocking it - the fact that it woreks on one computer and not another would tend to point to a problem in the OS rather than the app itself.

I'm on build 18990 (which is the latest 20H1 beta) with no problem. However, if this happened just afteran upgrade, it'spossible Windows reset something (I have a few apps that happens to, although BC isn't one of them)

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