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All files in the server are illegally encrypted by hackers

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I started the bitcomet 1.58 and find that all files are encrypted with extension .muhstik, and have a text file asking me to pay bitcoin to the QRCode, god sake!
I use the bitcomet and download the files in the network server drive (QNAP). This server drive is found encrypted all files by someone else. Is there any way to save the files, or I have to pay the ransom bitcoin to the thief?
My PC is windows10 already with latest patch updates. 
Many thanks for the advice.
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That sounds very like you have downloaded a trojan from somewhere - you can try scanning but it may be too late. Worst case scenario is to re-format the drive and do a clean install with known good apps and be more careful in future with what you download

You could try the recommendations here

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