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Unusual Traffic in 1.65 & 1.66 & 1.67


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I've been happily using your great piece of software for the past 8 years.
kudos to all the devs of this brilliant software. 
however, recently I upgraded from version 1.64 to v1.67 and noticed an issue.
My internet speed is 4Mb/s (quite slow).
I noticed when I started bitcomet,
without starting any download or upload, bitcomet starts to use all my bandwidth (upload & download) and it keeps using for 10 minutes and this keeps repeating as long as the software every hour or so.
it doesn't matter if I start downloading or uploading, it seems that whenever the software feels like it, it starts doing the same thing again and it drops my download and upload speed for 10mins but my bandwidth is completely used by bitcomet doing something in the background.
I have metered connection and because of that I've been monitoring all my traffic to limit or drop any bandwidth hogging connections that is unnecessary. such as windows updates, telemetry,...
and now my favorite downloader (bitcomet) is suddenly among that list.
I tried version 1.65 & 1.66 & 1.67, all of them have the same issue. I reverted back to 1.64 which is working without any unusual traffic in the background.
is there a way to fix this issue? or is there something in the settings menu that I can change to remedy this?
I would happily provide any screenshot / video / logs if needed.
thanks for reading,
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