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TASK PROPERTIES - not working as excpected.

I downloaded a torrent that had only one file im interested in downloading. The torrent itself is 95 Gigs. I only wanted 1 file inside this torrent that is only 70 Megs. When scrolling thru and selecting only that 1 torrent and clicked ok, Bitcomet  ignored my wishes and set it self up to download the entire 95 gig torrent that contains over 4,500 files. After that I even tried to go into "Task Properties -> General and deselected [download all] and select the only 1 file I wanted, then clicked ok. Well, Bitcomet is ignoring and is keeping "all" files selected.

This is a Major disappointment. Also, download order sucks and can't chang "Current Priority"  because there is no way to select priority downloading.

Pre-selecting one file out of many at the beginning of downloading a torrent use to work. Task Properties use to work, It simply don't work anymore. This has got to be fixed for me or I will have to find another torrent alternative. Which is sad cause I used bitcomet for years.

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If you only want one file from a torrent, highlight the torrent, right click, go to files, select each unwanted file and click 'disable'.

Unfortunately, you'll have to repeat that 4,500 times

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