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Issues with MPCStar V 6.6, 6.7 sound & Security Threat


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I initially thought my video's sound file was corrupted. I tried multiple videos, ones that had played previously without any issues and they all sounded like they had corrupted audio files. The sound was like someone had recorded over parts of it with garbage. So I played the same files in another player and  they all sounded just fine.  I repeated  this over and over always same  result.  Also when I tried to download the latest version of mpcstar 6.8  Norton security would not allow me to open it saying "this file is an Insight Network Threat (threat name WS.Reputation.1). There are many indications this file is untrustworthy and therefore not safe."  Has anyone ever had either of these issues before?? Now I am having problems opening an older version of MPCStar 6.0 that passed Norton Security check as a safe file, but every time I tried to open it (I uninstalled the MPCStar files I had installed, they weren't working anyways), my screen locked up and this "windows Dialogue" window  would open, but I could not get it so I could see it.

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