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Audio driver problem?


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I've been using this software for some time now. However, a problem has been associated with it from the start--at least, from the start of me using it.

I use windows 10 and have the audio coming from an external device, which requires its own driver (an ASIO driver optimised, I would assume, for the hardware).

The problem is, whenever I open bitcomet, whether I start any task in it or not, the audio cuts out. Then, I have to disconnect and reconnect the device. Sometimes, restarting the windows audio service does the trick. Nonetheless, this fix doesn't work forever. If bitcomet is still running, it won't take long for the audio to stop again. So I would disconnect and reconnect again. And so on and so on. That is, until I get a BSOD indicating an error in the driver and have to restart the computer.

I sincerely don't know how an audio process would be clashing with bitcomet. And yes, it is likely a problem with bitcomet rather than a problem with the driver. I say this because I tried other alternatives, and, when I use those alternatives, it doesn't happen, I don't have audio issues.

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Bit Comet doesn't have anything to do with playback - that's done by the media player.

You may have a driver problem - have you tried going to the website of the audio chip maker (not the computer maker but Realtek or whoever) and look for updated W 10 drivers?

You could also try a different media pl;ayer - I use VLC for preference but there are others available.

Being an external device, you may need to check for updated USB drivers and also make sure that the is no clash with another USB connection (mouse, joystick, external drive, etc).

One thought - is your modem, connected via USB? That could also interfere

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