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Installer support with Windows Servers


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I'm afraid that's the problem - a lot of apps are simply not designed to be used on servers and there is no way round that.

A server OS simply isn't designed to be used for anything other than what it says - a server

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Please understand - Servers are NOT designed to run as workstations and are missing APIs that enable some apps to run.

There is NOTHING that can be done here - if you want to run a workstation then do NOT install a server OS

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As I said, this is a Windows issue (the necessary APIs to run BitComet just aren't there in the Server OS)

What you could try is to dual boot - a separate hard drive or disk partition running W 10

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I was looking thru internet and this post made me disappointed to the level, that I registered to commend.

Now I don't know what API's bitcomet needs, but saying that windows server does not have it, it is jut laziness from developers part.

Windows server 2008 R2, 2012 and 2019 can easily be used as a workstation. (Provided it is not server CORE version with no GUI) if you know what you are doing.

The biggest difference that you need to install dot net framework from server manager instead of just downloading an msi. I am using windows server 2019 as a gaming rig with no issues, and best of all, no windows antivirus crap.

The reason I would like to be able to install bitcomet on windows server 2019 is simple. I have a HP microserver G8 with 16 TB RAID 5 and ruining proxmox virtualization on it

I have a windows server 2019 vm, that has a directly attached 16 TB RAID DISK, it serves files 24/7 and servers as a media server and smb share.  The fact that I can run uTorrent, qbitorrent and transmissionBT on windows server 2019 proves that bitcomet needs improving form dev side. It is not rocket science.

Additionally more and more users have dedicated home servers with windows server or Linux servers at home running 24/7 and sharing files. And if you limit bitocemt to only desktop operating systems like windows 8.1 / 10 and MacOS you are loosing a large base of possible users with high server bandwidth. FFS a Linux port would be even better. You managed to make an android app.

Hope this will reach someone with a bit more vision for bitcomet


Just reviewed the possible download options for bitcomet, and a sad thought visited me. It is possible that the vision is to target the most primitive of users that are able to use only windows 10 home, mac os and android. 😞






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Windows servers are mssing some parts that are used in Windows 10

Bit Comet is NOT designed to run on a server

Sorry about that but that's how it is (there are a lot of other 'domestic' apps that won't work either as a server is not desined to operate as a workstation per se)

You could try what I do here and multi-boot (I run Windows 7, 10 Dev version and Gentoo Linux - I just select which one I want at the time using GRUB (and BC doesn't run on Linux either)

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