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BC results in recurringly disconnecting me from MMORPG games


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It has become impossible for me to play an online MMORPG without being disconnected while the BC client is running on the background. 

I am not sure at which BC update this issue appeared for the first time.  I may say over the 10 years of using BC this isuue has only appeared around end last year (end 2020).

Ending the BC process through Task Manager is the only way around for being able play without disconnecting from the MMORPG.

Thank you


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That's usually a symptom of lag. You could try reducing the download limit on BC but, even then, it mightn't be enough. What is probably happening is that the game servers are being overloaded (possibly due to the increased numberof people playing online during lockdowns) and that reduces the amount of bandwisth for individual players. Having BC running simultaneously eats into your own bandwidth and, if the game speed is reduced too far, it will crash out.

It's not a related issue, but anotherthing thatcan cause hiccups in online gaming is A/V scanning. This is a known issue in Second Life and the 'cure' there is to add the Second Life foldersin %appdata to 'exceptions'

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Actually it happen to me too, in this case i'm playing black desert and this fact started i think 2 years ago, i would like to know also what the client is doing since sometimes download/upload start to run itself even without an active torrent, same question about cpu activity that seem is doing always something. I really like this client and his options but there is something that i should know about?

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