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Hello how are ya? Honestly I'm not quite good I opened my comet today and It said that there was an error when loading the tasks and I had to do something with a .bxt file I think but the problem is that I don¡t know where to find that file and what should next I do when I find it.

My tasks are deleated but in the 'history' folder they still there.

Help me pls.

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Probably same thing happened with my settings, fortunately I didn't have any tasks, just wanted to check and maybe switch to BitComet.

I got accidentally filled all my disk space where BitComet folder was located, didn't know about it, I changed a setting, and after all my settings were erased.

I think BitComet just tried to recreate settings, erasing previous ones, very inconvenient in my opinion, idk maybe it was only for me, because it could try to rewrite older settings, but it couldn't since all small flushed settings disk space got filled with another program, can't say that straight.

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