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Bring torrents from utorrents to share

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I have just switched from utorrents to bitcomet and would like to know how I can make bitcomet share the torrents I previously downloaded on utorrents. I have set my torrent download directory to the same I used before, but I dont know if bitcomet will share these torrents or if I have to give bitcomet permission to share them. Or something....

I would appreciate simple, click by click instructions on how to get bitcomet to share these torrents so my ratio can heal itself....

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You would need to restart the .torrent files manually (and if you have a lot, that will take some time).

However, as far as Bit Comet is concerned, these would be 'new' seeds and the ratio will be back to zero

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Thank you Rhubarb! I have figured out now (with yours and other help from online tutorials) how to use the magnet to attach the torrent files to bitcomet. However, Bitcomet still wants to download the torrents again. I have my torrents/downloading files stored in another folder than completed downloads. How would I show Bitcomet these files are already complete and have them seed from my completed downloads folder? Without re-downloading the files that is.

Bitcomet screenshot.jpg

Bitcomet folders.jpg

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