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Chaotic task sequencing


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Hello, I've used BitComet with great success for over a decade and have always enjoyed the user experience very much. Just recently though I've been changing all of my software components to Dark Theme. Eventually I found that Windows facilitates it by right clicking on desktop, click Personalise and choose High Contrast. As fate would have it, I simultaneously got an alert to update my BitComet software. As I downloaded it, and my device was changing over to High Contrast, the new BitComet has not kept the usual order of Downloads in the chronological sequence that it always has kept. Worse, there doesn't seem to be any sequence that I can work out, this makes for now a terrible user experience, as I often use BitComet to navigate through files and folders rather than with Explorer.

I do love BitComet very much and wanted to share this for two reasons, one to put it out there this is what has happened, and two for any suggestions as to a possible solution. The smaller problem is that when moving the cursor over any particular download the whole line then goes blank, until I click on it. This could be a clue that it is indeed the High Contrast setting, but I could live with that just for the convenience of the darker mode applied for when working longer hours at the device. Thanks.

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You can sort the order of any field by clicking on the top bar and it will toggle that field to ascending, descending or download sequence.

As for the 'dark theme' this isn't supported and it's very unlikely that it will be. Our devs don't get paid for their work and people are expecting them to spend a lot more of their time on what is really just a cosmetic patch is a bit over the top

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