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Hello good people;


Is there a way to upload faster to a friend, I can see his IP, but there is no priority setting (Friend upload slot doesn't do much )?


thank you


<a href="https://ibb.co/qszZKMD"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/d2ShF0f/asdsadasdasd.jpg" alt="asdsadasdasd" border="0"></a>



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Not per se - but in options > advanced set max connections per task to 1 and close down all other files you are seeding and/ or leeching.

Reset max to zero when finished to restore the original settings (0 = 'automatic')

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The upload slot referred to by the friend upload channel means that within the range of bittorrent.max_connections_per_task, for example, if 50 users are connected, but there are 3000 downloaders of the torrent, it can be opened for one of the friend's ip to keep its priority connected.
If you want to increase the upload rate. Then you need to install ITZMX TCP Acceleration v1.1. After installing the TCP protocol accelerator, the upload rate can be greatly improved.

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好友上传通道所指的上传插槽是指,在bittorrent.max_connections_per_task 范围内,例如连接了50个用户,但是种子存在3000个下载者,才是可以为其中一个好友ip打开,使其优先级保持连接
如果你想提高上传速率。则需要安装ITZMX TCP Acceleration v1.1,安装完成TCP协议加速器后,此时可以大幅度提高上传速率

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