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VIRUS added to the new v1.89 BitComet update! - Detected: Program:Win32/Contebrew.A!ml

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As soon as I launched my BitComet it asked to update to v 1.89, which I started to do then I got a windows PUA notification saying:

Potentially unwanted app found
: Program:Win32/Contebrew.A!ml
file: C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Local\Temp\Bit6BAA.tmp.exe

After googling, multiple sites came up explaining it as a legitimate virus!

In summary: 

Program:Win32/Contebrew.A!ml PUA is not as trustworthy as it claims to be. The “legit and useful” program can unexpectedly uncover itself as a downloader trojan, spyware, backdoor, or coin miner virus. And you can never predict what to anticipate even from separate examples of Contebrew unwanted program. That still does not mean that you have to panic – possibly, this unpleasant thing has not succeeded to do poor things to your PC.

Source: https://howtofix.guide/program-win32-contebrew-a-ml/


REMOVED BITCOMET and will NEVER USE again! Just re-installed Windows 11 as my PC started mining crypto by itself since November of 2021, right around the first time I installed BitComet... now I know why!!! I was wondering why I didn't see many people using BitComet in the peer's list that show the client they're using...


(The image below is from the article/source mentioned above, practically the same as my Windows PUA notification)


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