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Satellite...help with speed and connection

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Hi. I'm on a satellite connection on download and upload via telephone line. I read that bitcomet was a good client for this king of setup but I'm not sure how to properly setup the program to have decent download speed. For now, I get 1 or 2KB/s.

I read a couple of posts with proxy setups but nothing seems to work with me. My satellite company is QSAT in Canada.

Any help would be welcome.


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Ah, you need to give us more information than that.

1. Are you behind a router?

2. What torrent are you downloading?

3. What's your connection

4. Have you limited your upload speed?

yeah blates, your isp either doesnt support p2p so encrypt your connection, or you behind a software firewall which is easily changable, or just check if the port your using is opened. either that or its a s*** torrent...

just go to google, and just type in how to check if your port is open, check it, if its stealth or closed then you need to open it. to do that, create a static IP by going to network connections and click properties on the connection you use, go down the list to something like tcp connection, and just make your ip address static in the options, then just go to your modems website login and open your port, its really easy mate :D

think theres a speed guide around here how to do port forwarding with a really simple step by step guide, just search it.

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You're not going to be able to get very good speeds on this setup, I'm afraid. The reason is that bittorrent chokes on your upload bandwidth, a problem with almost every broadband connection but particularly acute in your case, where you're limited to at best, 56Kb/s. Bittorrent involves some overhead to negotiate with other peers, to upload as well as download pieces you receive, and to acknowledge what you do receive. This is why we tell broadband users to limit their global maximum upload rate to about 80% of their measured maximum upload bandwidth.

If you go higher than that, or don't limit bittorrent, it will drown the connection, so you won't be able to do anything else, and even the bittorrent overhead can have a hard time getting through.

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