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When I used bitcomet .69 I got very high dl speeds of an average of 100kbs. Now I just downloaded .70 and my downloads dropped to 20kbs or so, this is even with files with over 3k seeders, then I download a very small file<100mb the download speeds go up to 200kbs. Anyone know what happened to my computer? Is this a problem with my computer because I just reformated it, and I also turned off my routers firewall, and my xp firewall.

Also when I tried to download .69 and installed it gave me an error, you guys should check it out. I download .68 perfectly.

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Hey what's up guys? Just dropped by to see if I could help.

DSL, with that connection I would think you would have an advantage to maintaning a constand dl speed whereas cable users like myself are at risk for a not so constand dl speed.

As long as your upload rate is limited then you should be fine (as long as the # of seeders out# the # of leechers)

Good thing to note is that in the long run a high upload rate is going to benefit you more than a limited one <<< Would take me some time to explain but I'm sure you can find it the FAQ and how the whole Bittorent client functions in general.

You got rid of the firewalls, if you're on a router make sure you have rid of that firewall as well. Is your pc on a home network of any kind?

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