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D-Link DI 604 Speed is decreasing

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I just bought the D-Link DI 604 router to replace my Linksys BEFSR41v3(Since it has the disconnect problem...I have to unplug the power of the router or modem and restart it)

The problem is when I use the BitComet, the speed is decreasing. After connecting the peers, the speed seems to be good (around 200KB/s) and the number of "remote" is also good (about 70% "remote" and 30% "local") But after couple minutes, the speed decreases and not stable, and the number of "remote" also decreases (about only 20% "remote")

Then, I switch my Linksys router back...everything is back to normal! (the speed is over 400KB/s and number of "remote" is stable)

Again, I connect the D-Link router and test!...The same problem happens again!!!!!

I just use the same setting that I apply in the Linksys for the D-Link (Open the same port 49152)

Do I need to do more setting on the D-Link or it is the hardware issue, because my friend told me that the RAM of D-Link router is small

Thank You Very Much for the help!!

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