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i try to stay a good seeder. but i can d-load much faster and much more than i can up-load.

it takes me days to up load just a gig.

and sometimes when d-load it doesn't up load at the same time. with all the torrents i d-load

i have DSL, and the modem that they give me.

can anybody help me with this problem

thank you


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All home broadband connections are asymmetrical like this. Your download bandwidth is much larger than your upload bandwidth. One of the many web-based speed tests will give you an idea of what your actual bandwidth is, in both directons. Follow the test directions carefully. Keep your units straight.

It will, indeed, take much longer to upload a torrent, or seed it to 1:1, than it will to download the same torrent in the same swarm. This is why torrent sites exhort their users to keep seeding.

It's slower for everybody, not just you.

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Kluelos is right..

But it's not only your DSL that determines how fast you can upload, but also how many leechers there are. No leechers = no upload. That's why you need to "Part-seed" on torrents with many leechers, on some closed trackers with a little amount of users.

The Upload speed on DSL is expensive. In my country it is..

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