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Downloads not working.. but at 100%..


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Hi, I've been downloading alot of videos using BitComet. I'm downloading an anime series with 51 episodes, 48 are done and about 10 of them don't work..


The ones without a thumbnail don't work, the media file isn't supported on WMP and VLC player can't play it either. (VLC is known to play almost everything. http://www.videolan.org/ is the website.) All those files are, or are supposed to have the extension of .avi

So when I try and add it again to the currently downloading files, it was supposed to be at 100% but now it's at 99.x% and it finishes again.. but it still doesn't work.

Anyone have a clue as to what the problem is? What can I do to fix it? Or do I have to redownload the whole file again?

If you need anymore details, just tell me and I'll post 'em up.

Thanks in advance.

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It looks like the torrent isnt complete. If you have some files in the package disabled then reenable them and then do the manual hash check and then complete the package. What are those three files in the bottom of your screenshot? If none of this helps then check the site where you got the torrent and see if there are any comments concerning corrupted files.

Also change the view in that folder to details or list view and delete the thumbnail file that gets created by windows. You may have to goto Tools->Folder options and enable view hidden files and folders and system files. Then do all the stuff I mentioned.

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