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How to increase download speed?

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Please note that limiting upload speed can also decrease your download rate.

Finding the best setting will take some practice.

If you observe your client when running a very healthy torrent, take note of the upload speed and reduce it by 20%. This will free up some of your bandwidth to respond to the tracker and peers, and can give you better download speeds.

However since bit torrent protocall gives more download to those who upload the most, the idea is to maintain as much upload as possible without slowing your responce time.


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if you want, you could also test your upload speed in some websites.

just go to google and search for 'upload speed test'

make sure no other programs (including p2p programs) are running

if you then know what your upload speed is, reduce it to 80% of the speed (making the upload speed 20% less of what it is)

note: if your speed is in kb (kilobits), then you have to divide it by 8 to get it in Kb (kilobytes)

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