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PC hangs when I open new task

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I am using bitcomet 0.7 on my new computer.

Recently I found that if I open a new download task while downloading (by double-clicking on a new torrent file), after a few seconds my pc hangs (needs to cut off power). Why is it so?

I remember that this problem existed when I was using my old computer (bitcomet 0.68), but my brother's doesn't have this problem. So is it related to my personal settings? Or insufficient RAM?

Please help.

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How long does it hang for? Have you tried doing other tasks and just leaving BitComet alone for a while? Does it eventually start responding again? (It may take several minutes.)

Thanks for answering.

I don't think it will respond again. Every time I have to switch off the power and restart my computer.

Please help. :( :(

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RAM shouldn't be a problem unless you're running with an absurdly small amount of it, but you'd be having problems with everything else as well. Still, you do need at least 512 M, and a gig would be better.

Some systems though, BitComet just doesn't seem to like. Give Āµtorrent a try and see if the problems go away.

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