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I am unable to portfoward

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I have a major problem everytimeI try to port foward I always followed the instructions very carefully and even the instructions listed for the Westell 6100. :o

when I type in my static Ip in my browser all I get is a "could not find server". When I type in my default gateway the page seems to work. And I typed in my pasword and sername to try and get in but it wont let me. Thsi sis frustrating me very much because my download speed is a measly 5KB/s while my upload speed is at 16KB/s!! My torrent is going to take like 8 hours to finish! :(

I read the list of routers that have problems with this prgram and Westell 6100 was listed there. Does that mean Im screwed and can't do anything to fix this? :unsure:

Someone please help me before I go crazy and kick my computer. <_<

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you say you cannot access your router, but at some point it sounds like you have because you talk about port forwarding.

to access your router you need to enter the LAN Port IP address (default gateway), it will be something like

(Check this with ipconfig at the c: prompt)

it will then ask you for your login details

by default they are usually

login: admin

pass: password

But it sounds like you have already done this. So the question is, have you changed the login from default (as you should) but can you remember it??

If all fails, re-set the router. To do this press the re-set button with a small pointed object (paper clip)

You will have to set it all up again, but the login will be back to default.

if I have got the wrong end of the stick, you may need to explain what you have done and want to do

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It would help if you took some care to write a little more clearly.

You said,

I know I entered in the right username and password for my computer ...

Why did you do that? It's not your computer that we're concerned with here, You are trying to log in to your router, not your computer. The login/password for your router is not the same as the login for your computer. Your router manual tells you what the default login is. The Portforward site tells you what the default login is. A previous post told you what the default login is.

So why don't you try using that?

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