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i realy need help


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i started downloading clerks 2 from a site, it is currently like 80 percent done, and when i preview it it doesnt start, its 100 percent done buffering but it says stopped, and alo after the avi thing in the program name it says .bc what does that mean? and also what is the best and most saccuratte sight for downloading high quality movies and lots of selection?

thanks alot

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Hi there aly,

In regards to the .bc! extension to your avi file, this signifies that it is an incomplete BitComet download (You can change this in Options --> Preferences).

If you wish to preview a movie, it's best to start previewing it around at least 90% or above. You can use BitComet's preview feature, otherwise just go to the folder of the .avi file, right click --> Open with --> Windows Media Player.

As for most accurate sites for downloading good quality movies...I cannot answer, though in my experience TUS / Hockney / MaVeN are quite top-notch releasing groups. [This is a general comment only, and does not represent BitComet's view on which group releases the best movies]

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